Xavier Moreno


Xavier is said to have inherited the position as leader of the Bloodsky Pirates from his father at an unexpectedly early age. Beyond that, his past remains largely unknown.

He seems to be working in close partnership with his sister and an assassin of unknown origins.

Story Involvement

It is believed that he met directly with one of the higher-ups in the Spiral Eclipse prior to the attack on the party’s ship at the quest’s outset. He remained at the helm of his vessel in that initial attack, but he would eventually cross swords with the party directly on the Lost Triad.

In his first meeting with the party in a tavern on the Triad, he was willing to discuss the shared predicament the old enemies had fallen into, however, upon their second meeting, things quickly turned violent.

In the battle that followed, he and his assassin ally were backed into a corner and outnumbered by the party and he reluctantly chose to flee. His companion was struck down before they could depart, and in retaliation, the inn in which the party had taken refuge was firebombed by the Crimson Remora.


Dialogue Theme (Hostile): Gurren-Lagann – Nikopol

Battle Theme: BlazBlue – Rebellion

Battle Theme (Variant): Guilty Gear XX – Liquor Bar and Drunkard

Name Significance

The first version of this archetype had ‘X’ as a middle initial and the first and last names were swapped for Space Hunter Protojive. The original archetype had ‘Dark’ as a last name and I went with a Spanish equivalent to get more of a Skies of Arcadia feel.

Xavier Moreno

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