Adelmar Schermer


A stern, serious, human man. Adelmar is the head of security for Heliotrope Road Inc.

Plot Involvement

In Season 2, Adelmar briefly met with The Party to discuss their concerns about Heliotrope Road Inc. At this time, Kel Molaes judged from the way he carried himself that Adelmar concealed a large handgun his person.

In Fantastical Outerspace Gaiden, Adelmar appeared as part of a diplomatic mission from the Empyrean Confederation along with Sinikka Takala. He seemed perturbed by her unconventional methods, but he was willing to discuss matters with The Fanout Gaiden Party, including his concerns about the Iron Bulwark and Xiphosura Kabuto.

Later, Adelmar was meeting with members of Layneworth‘s top Military Brass, and The Party interrupted the meeting to question him about the images found in their mysterious Sunblade. Adelmar spoke in vague terms about Danaus, but Carlyle believed that he wasn’t being entirely honest with the group.

The situation nearly turned hostile before cooler heads prevailed.

Adelmar Schermer

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