C Aysun


An arcane construct developed by Koray Darzi for Crescentia Hargrave. C. Aysun was meticulously constructed to serve as an ideal assistant and guardian for Crescentia.

Aysun appears to be a fairly recent addition to the group inhabiting Shardmoon Castle, so it is unknown how many times she actually saw combat.

Story Involvement

Once Crescentia approved of their presence, Aysun acted as a guide for the party throughout the Castle. During her travels, she wound up fighting alongside the party against minions of Iris Four and Raziela the Shroud.

Many of Koray’s notes on the construction of Aysun were taken by the party to the Gearspark Complex.


Dialog Theme: I’m not sure, but I remember using Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Golden Shadow

Cornered Battle Theme: BeatMario(Cool&Create) – Night of Nights


I’ve made no secret of the fact that C. Aysun is pretty much the fusion of R. Dorothy Waynewright and Sakuya Izayoi. However, it would be Iris Four who would obtain the former’s ability to stop time.

Name Significance

‘C’ stands either for Construct or Clockwork. I’m sure it says in Koray’s notes. Aysun means “as beautiful as the moon” in Turkish, which was intended to reflect her origins as a masterpiece gift to Crescentia.

C Aysun

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