Death Spiral Machine


A massive fortress battleship that serves as the headquarters of the Spiral Eclipse. Equipped with a large-scale version of the Battleship Tonare’s Hexelemental Drive, it was easily able to tunnel into the Prismatic Vortex from the Elemental Chaos below.

This massive arcane machine is large enough to house several squadrons of Shadow Manta ships. The massive size of the vessel raises serious questions as to where and how it was created.

Story Involvement

This machine appeared in the center of the Prismatic Vortex while The Party was exploring the Nameless Temple.

It was quickly determined that the systems aboard it could bring about the collapse of the entire Prismatic Vortex. Forces from throughout the isles of the Vortex soon gathered to mount an armed resistance against the invading tower.


In lieu of using the Spiral Eclipse’s own term for their ship, I decided to just borrow a term from Gurren-Lagann that probably fits much better than whatever they would call it.

Death Spiral Machine

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