Divine Mechanoid Vortemplar


Originally, this device was an artifact exo-skeleton used by Gimmelon Mikaelson to channel divine power for the purposes of creating and shaping an astral domain with greater control and efficiency. It was heavily modified by Rajender the Maelstrom to serve as an inter-dimensional war machine.

Story Involvement

Vortemplar was revealed by Rajender in his final confrontation with The Party. It seemed intended to serve as his trump card in the event that the Knights of the Spiral Eclipse were unable to defeat them.

However, despite having intensely powerful space-time distortion powers, it was unable to muster enough might to defeat The Party.

After the apparent destruction of both the machine and Rajender the Maelstrom, his fading essence appeared to posses the wrecked machine, drawing it desperately towards the battle-worn party. Eventually, the wreck of Vortemplar was run over by a boat during The Party’s final escape from the Death Spiral Machine


Battle Theme: Super Robot Wars OGS – Dark Prison

Battle Theme (Alternate): Super Robot Wars OGS – Messenger from the Void

Party in Crisis Theme: The Big O – The Great

Cornered Theme: Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 – JAM Project – GONG (Off Vocal)

Last Round Theme: Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 – JAM Project – GONG

Divine Mechanoid Vortemplar

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