Doctor Latimanus


A renegade researcher from the Great Illithid Empire. One of the only individuals wanted as a criminal both by the Empire and the Empyrean Confederation due to his predilection for conducting twisted experiments on unwilling subjects of any race and nationality.

In person, he seems rather flippant and unhinged, rather than possessing the cold, calculating demeanor that tends to define Mind Flayers.

Story Involvement

The apparent mastermind behind the raid on the Pioneer 14 Research Station. The Doctor seemed disappointed that Heliotrope Road had not conducted any illicit experiments that had gone awry and caused massive devastation.

He fled the scene after being discovered by The Party, possibly to avoid an encounter with the Iron Bulwark.


Dialogue Theme: Final Fantasy VI – Kefka


Don’t read too much into that. It takes more than an end boss’ theme to be the end boss.

Doctor Latimanus

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