Eris 6 is a space-time distorting arcane construct that seems to be patterned after Iris Four, or perhaps more accurately, IRIS 42.

It would appear that following the events of season 1, Raziela, or someone continuing her work, began to intentionally develop this sort of arcane artificial intelligence for use in their schemes.

A specialist in information control, Eris seems to delight in deceiving and mocking the party.

Story Involvement

Eris 6 was a core part of the scheme on Epsilon Marut. A large construct was placed in the basement of the Frederiksen Chateau through which she controlled arrays of illusions and spatial distortions throughout the mansion.

Eventually, The Party saw through her schemes and confronted her beneath the mansion. However, her allies were already several steps ahead on with their plans regarding Gimmelon Mikaelson. When her node beneath the chateau was destroyed, she remained confident that everything was going according to plan . . .


Elena Roxana Irina Sala the 6th
Elisabeth Rosalyn Ilene Seabrooke the 6th
Emeline Rachel Ines Severin the 6th
Erika Renate Ingrid Steinmann the 6th


Combat : Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – Shrine Bros.

Combat – Cornered: VVVVVV – Positive Force


As a deliberately constructed arcane computer, Eris is backed up primarily by audio with chiptune elements. Shrine Bros is played due to a portion which sounds similar to U. N. Owen, which was the cornered theme for Iris.


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