Iridescent Blade


A magical weapon developed by the artificers of the Spiral Eclipse. The purpose of the blade was to hijack the Heart of Shardmoon Castle and then defend the Inverted Clock Tower against attack.

To accomplish this goal, the blade was infused with tremendous radiant magical power, as well as some space-time manipulation powers.

While the blade was not created to be an intelligent magical item, some of the groundwork for such a capacity was laid so that the blade could be given a series of commands that could be executed autonomously. It was this sort of arcane computer that gave rise to Iris Four.

Shortly after its’ creation, Raziela the Shroud, in disguise as a Cleric of Pelor, gave the blade to Egon Sonnen to aid in his quest to banish Shardmoon Castle.

Story Involvement

By the time the party arrived, the blade was already a part of Iris Four. After her defeat, the blade was taken by the party for the Hexelemental Drive and a smaller crystal at the hilt of the weapon was taken by Raziela the Shroud.

Iridescent Blade

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