Following the defeat of Iris Four, Raziela the Shroud stole the portion of the Iridescent Blade containing the storied data and memories of that construct.

Raziela saw the value in having a sentient magical item with the ability to monitor and control systems throughout a massive fortress and created such a system for the Death Spiral Machine. This became the Intelligent Relic Information System Ver. 4.2.

While the system apparently has many safeguards to prevent it from betraying Raziela or the Spiral Eclipse, it still retains all of the memories of Iris Four, and thus has a fairly substantial grudge against Raziela and The Party.

Story Involvement

IRIS 4.2 controls a variety of automated systems aboard the Death Spiral Machine, and as such is charged with a variety of duties relevant to repelling the invasion by The Party and their allies.

Shortly after the defeat of Captain Rangrim Rustbeard, IRIS 4.2 used the Death Spiral Machine to trap The Party within her system, subjecting them to a bizarre parody of their own adventures within the Prismatic Vortex.


IRIS’s Themes

Entrance/Hostile: BlazBlue 8-bit Open The Gate and Awakening the Chaos

Chiptune Parade

Crossbones: Star Wars – Cantina Band 8-Bit Ver

Shadegrasp Outpost: Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest – Town

Tertia Quattrocchi: Disgaea 2: Is It Admiration For Overlord Laharl?

Crescentia Hargrave: Touhou 6 – Septette For The Dead Princess 8-bit Ver

Quondam Investigation: PW3 – Objection 2004 8-bit ver

Quondam Investigation 2: PW – Investigation~Cornered 8-bit ver

Combat Themes

Combat as the World Fades: Touhou 6 – COOL&CREATE – U.N. Owen Was Her? 8-bit

Combat as the World Fades: Touhou 6 – COOL&CREATE – U.N. Owen Was Her?

Combat/AI Core: PSO – The Crazy Program

Grand Finale: Touhou 6 – JIMANG – U.N.オーエンはJIMANGの彼女なのか?


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