Koray Darzi


Koray Darzi was a lich, and the head of arcane research for Shardmoon Castle. He developed the means of using Heart of Shardmoon Castle to pilot the castle through time and space.

At the time, he was also romantically involved with Crescentia Hargrave.

He was also a double-agent for a spy ring devoted to Vecna, subtly guiding the destructive actions of the minions of Orcus to serve his purposes.

Koray was also the creator of C Aysun, who was a gift for Crescentia Hargrave.

It is suspected that Raziela the Shroud was actually his direct supervisor in this scheme. When Egon Sonnen’s party attacked the castle, Razielabetrayed Koray and led him into a trap that would result in his permanent destruction.

Story Involvement

The Party would arrive at Shardmoon Castle long after Koray’s passing, but their investigation of his laboratory would reveal the truth behind the conspiracy that eventually lead to his death.

They also found the plans he used in the development of C Aysun, which Frye delivered to the Gearspark Complex.

Koray Darzi

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