Lena Kazbek


A student of arcane aerospace from the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion. Her father, Grigori Kazbek is the commander of the Falcon Plateau air base.

Story Involvement

Fearing for her Father’s life in the face of the overwhelming air power of the Iron Bulwark, Lena was approached by Kupola, who offered her the power to defend his forces by becoming a Steward of Xiphosura.

When Lena and her fellow students were evacuated to Falcon Plateau, Kupola ordered Lena to engage The Party.

When The Party fought through her aeronautical nightmare world, they sought to convince Lena to stand down. She, instead, launched head-long into battle with The Party, her logic being that if The Party could defeat her, then she has found someone strong enough to protect the Dominion from the Bulwark.

Fortunately, as with Domnall Sheridan, The Party was able to defeat Lena and free her from the influence of The Dome.

Lena Kazbek

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