One of the Danaus organization’s Charademinds. Moonstride’s armor allows her to assume the shape of a large telescope. In combat, Moonstride acts as sniper, striking down targets with beams of shadowed radiance.

Moonstride seems fairly calm and serious.

Story Involvement

Moonstride was deployed along with Jamshid Rostam to the Old Veronese Crypt on a mission to seize control of a gate to the Shadowfell held by followers of Orcus.

However, upon encountering The Party, she made secret plans to betray her allies. Moonstride revealed that she bore a strong resentment towards the new leadership overseeing the Charademinds.

Once The Party bested Moonstride in a staged battle and defeated INDY 7 for real, she provided some insights into the nature of INDY 7, and the similarities and differences between his spatial manipulation powers, and those seen during the events at the Whimsymines. However, she was careful not to divulge any information that would reveal that she and The Party had spoken.

As the group proceeded deeper into the Dungeon, Moonstride followed behind them in the shadows, offering unseen support fire. Once Jamshid Rostam and the terrible weapon Baleframe had been destroyed, she appeared to speak with the group one last time before departing unseen.

Her current whereabouts remain unknown.


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