Shadegrasp Outpost


The Shadegrasp Outpost is a fortified town that stands largely as it did when it was a mortal refuge lying beyond a portal to the Shadowfell. Where once the portal stood, there is now a dock for astral vessels traveling throughout the Prismatic Vortex.

While the town retains the dour mood and constant threat of undead evils that permeate the Shadowfell, it remains an active trading partner and major player in the affairs of the Vortex.

Story Involvement

The necrotic corruption spread by the rampancy of Iris Four within Shardmoon Castle caused nightly zombie attacks to beset the town.

The party did not stay long in the Outpost. To gather information, they spoke briefly with the Mayor, Gerhard Dunkel, and several individuals at the Church of the Raven Queen, including Phoebe Ingram, Serkan Dolan, and Raziela Amsel. After this, they headed directly for Shardmoon Castle.

Shadegrasp Outpost

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