Sinikka Takala


A diplomatic envoy from the Empyrean Confederation, Sinikka is a quirky, curious character who, while positive and up-beat, shows little regard for protocol.

Story Involvement

Sinikka was swift to collude with The Party to aid them in joining the discussions with Layneworth officials at the Whimsymines. As unconventional as this may have seemed, it did result in valuable information being exchanged between all parties.

Sinikka would later ditch her entourage to join The Party on vacation. After stating that the nearby haunted house ride was allegedly built based on the sites of famous adventures, she requested that The Party join her on it to gauge its’ authenticity.

After a series of uneventful illusory scares, Sinikka was nearly abducted by a mysterious skull that claimed to be the ‘true Mineswell’, but Carlyle’s Wizardry and Abba’s might rescued her from atop a skeletal steed.

Sinikka would stick close to the The Party for the rest of The Ride, escaping along with them.

Sinikka would later appear briefly in Veronese to discuss current events, conspiracy theories, and how to shirk one’s responsibilities by hiding in a barrel.


Quirky Dialogue Theme : Seacats Fighter – The Fragrance of Kina – Test of Love – Instrumental

Sinikka Takala

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