Vanilla Slice


An unknown enemy force that wields a rift in space as though it were a blade. With no details of their identity known, The Party has taken to calling this enemy ‘Vanilla Slice’ as per Killroy’s suggestion.

Here is what is known of the entity thus far.

  • It can render itself invisible, teleport, and slice through matter by warping space
  • It has left footprints as though it were a humanoid
  • It may be seeking to silence those who were in contact with The Party, suggesting a connection with the Charademinds and Vecna
  • According to The Keeper, it may possess multiple minds or consciousnesses intertwined

Story Involvement

This enemy attacked the LADR late at night, assassinating Kairon Von Brandt and gravely injuring Corona.

Later, it appeared at the Church of the Helix, where it lurked about before clashing with The Keeper and stealing the Orb of Planar Mastery.

Later still, when The Party was investigating a distress signal in the Second Thaumaterigcal Dominion, an apparition resembling Mineswell appeared. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent that this mysterious assailant was present as well. Exactly how the two are connected remains something of a mystery.


Battle Theme? : JoJo All Star Battle – Spirit of Emptiness

Vanilla Slice

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