Varis the Blight


Varis the Blight is the Primal Knight of the Spiral Eclipse.

Like most members of the Spiral Eclipse, little is known of his origins. What is known is that something in his past sparked a deep hatred for the current state of affairs in the Feywild.

Varis sees the current nature of the plane of the Fey as a perversion of what it ought to be. He sees things like the Court of Stars and the elaborate systems of etiquite in fey society as betrayal of the plane’s true form as a realm more wild and free mirror of the natural world.

It is not known what sort of fey politicking scarred Varis so, but he seeks to use the Spiral Eclipse to utterly destroy the current order of that plane, so that in time nature may restore it to what he believes it ought to be.

In the present, though, his behavior seeks a stark betrayal of his own original purpose as well, as he wipes out all natural life in his path to make way for his new order.

Varis appears to possess some Barbarian and Shaman powers, including the ability to call forth a horrible, distorted spirit companion he calls Delanto (Intended to be Elven for “Horror Mouth”).

Story Involvement

Varis was the driving force behind the activities of the Spiral Eclipse on the Banished Crescent. He apparently commanded their mercenary bands of raiders to deploy the synthetic Deeproot devices that caused the spread of the dead zone on that island.

After his Shadow Dragon was defeated by The Party, Varis apparently abandoned his original plan of “hit things with swords” in favor of enacting an fairly intricate system of traps. However, in his haste, he threw himself into battle with The Party and was defeated before his most elaborate trap could be sprung.

In an ironic twist, this trap was largely successful and The Party was captured by the Spiral Eclipse after Varis was relieved of his command of the Meteorite Fortress.

Varis would later battle The Party alongside Raziela within the Death Spiral Machine. Despite knocking several members of the team out of commission, he met his end at the hands of one of Vouivre’s deadly arcane blasts.


Battle Theme: BlazBlue – Lust SIN

Delanto’s Theme: Guilty Gear XX – Feel A Fear

Team Battle With Raziela : Final Fantasy VIII – The Extreme

Varis the Blight

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