Once a major mining complex. Once the reserves of ore began to run dry, attempts at using magic and science to automate portions of the mining process lead to the accidental invention of the roller-coaster. The area was eventually converted into a full-on fantasy theme part.

Large portions of the Whimsymines are themed after the parallel planes of the Feywild and Shadowfell. The park has two mascots representing these realms, Lady Whimsia, a Pixie, and Sir Mineswell, the Gentleman Skeleton. Whimsia tends to adorn relaxing or child-friendly parts of the park, while Sir Mineswell leads the way to death-defying thrill rides and the like.

Plot Involvement

The Party visited the part after being provided free tickets by Kairon Von Brandt. While there, they also sought to track down the mysterious group of diplomats who had arrived in Layneworth via a spelljammer.

Eventually, they would be successful in joining the discussion along with several officials from Layneworth, Adelmar Schermer, and Sinikka Takala.

Sinikka would attempt to ditch the entourage and explore the park with The Party. However, the first ride they visit would bring about more than mere thrills . . .


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